Russian Brides The Basic Differences and What to Expect

Russian brides will vary from other women, no question about this. They truly are different into the way they think, how they dress, in what they expect from life and mostly: in what they expect from their husband.

Why is them so distinctive from other women? What to expect from a future Russian bride? These are two very good questions to which we shall make an effort to bring some answers and light in this essay.

What Makes Russian Brides so not the same as Women of other Countries? What to Expect from your Future Russian Bride?

  • Russian brides come from the biggest country on earth. A country that has been once very powerful and that, regardless of the 1992 break-up, kept its pride and is let me make it clear regaining its position. Thus, Russian women can be proud.
  • Russian women can be very feminine. They want to always look their finest. They care for their body; they always put make-up and dress as though these people were to go to an important event. They regularly wear high heel shoes, nice dresses and fashion clothes.
  • Russian women can be generally well educated and the majority has a graduate level with 5 years of university. Because of the world though economy, they may not all have the chance to work with their field however for sure, they spent years in good school and they have a good understanding of different subjects.
  • Russian brides are generally quite family oriented and have now quite high expectations of developing a household and being element of a good and happy family. It doesn’t matter if they have the information and diplomas to be a physician, an engineer, a notary the creation of a family is a larger priority than being self sufficient.
  • Russian brides see their husband as a strong leader who is the pinnacle associated with family. She dreams of finding a good man with who she will go through life’s pros and cons while never let the downs weaken their couple but during the opposite; make it stronger.
  • Russian brides are tender, loving, faithful, caring and loyal and …beautiful. When they decide that a guy is their man; they’re going to give him unconditional love. They’re not regarding the defence or regarding the ‘brakes’, always wondering if their husband deserves their love. They provide, period not to mention, they expect exactly the same.
  • Russian women be prepared to be treated with respect and dignity always. Residing in a country with 10 million more women than men, it is obviously virtually for most of these to get a suitable husband within their particular country. Most of them have friends who let them know how happy they truly are being married with a guy from the outside, often from countries associated with west. They desire exactly the same.
  • Russian women can be looking to be treated with respect and equality into the couple but during the same time, they expect their man to be a leader and protector. This is exactly what many western men are hunting for in a future wife but too often, cannot find in their particular country.
  • Russian brides will leave everything behind (family, friends, job everything) to be with regards to husband. Even though they are quick learners and hard workers put yourself in their shoes and become patient, loving and helpful and before very long: they’re going to easily adjust to your environment.

Russian women can be let me make it clear very different. But then again, all women from any country will vary. Perhaps, why is Russian women so special is their elegancy, their beautiful eyes, their background and degree of education, their loyalty for their partner and their need to create a happy family? Each year, a large number of Russian women get to be the brides of men from all over the entire world.

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Why men choose russian brides?

There are 2 good reasons for that – subjective and objective. The subjective reason is that the impression of an actual love does not know visas , borders and nationalities. “The half” may be in almost any point of the world. The Internet helps in hearts joining. The objective reason – character features, education and mentality associated with Russian women. The marriage utilizing the Russian woman is very convenient because she actually is psychologically mobile, patient, thoughtful, and attentive. The Russian woman compromises, combines feminity and dignity. A household is a priority for the Russian woman, while the Russian lady is good at house keeping. Helping the husband in everything, creating coziness and psychological comfort she sacrifices herself. The Russian women can be beautiful and womanish, charming, always dressed well. The Russian women can be brilliant housewives and talented educators.


The Russian brides search for the beloved, father of children. Women wish to create a happy family and realize themselves as a wife and mother. Some category of men must certanly be mentioned, that have created in imagination an incredible image associated with Russian bride, mismatching the truth. You will find men thinking, that for the Russian bride there is just one important thing – surviving in a safe country which makes her close eyes on obvious discrepancy associated with partner to her desires. Such men write to women of 20-40 years younger than themselves, braving to start with using their material welfare and thinking, that the attractive Russian girl will agree to get to be the wife to virtually any man if he is a foreigner with regard to foreign citizenship. The percent of women, wanting to marry and then leave from the country, is extremely insignificant. And the ones who do it, usually understand the mistake soon, and such marriage comes to a finish with disappointment for the both parties. Generally, women understand that the adaptation into the other country is difficult enough and don’t want to have unloved husband in this country. The Russian brides search for someone who could become a beloved husband, head associated with future family. The very fact, that he is from a safe country means much, yet not decisive.


The Russian ladies looking for a husband abroad, could be of any age. However, most of all they’ve been young women from 18 till 40 yrs . old. This rule especially extends to the women hunting for a husband through the Internet independently. Stable use of the online world in Russia – a rather recent phenomenon. As a rule, active users associated with Internet on the list of representatives of fair sex – young, successful women by the Russian standards, or even the students of higher education institutes. Older ladies address matrimonial agency, as a rule, which are their mediators. The type of hunting for a foreign husband there are ladies who perfectly know English (not only English) . But there are a great number of women, and a better percent, who know only routine knowledge of a foreign language, still go to school or institute. The language barrier often interferes with active search of a husband and duly reply to letters. If a woman addresses a married relationship agency, the agency translates and replies in Enlish for them. However, the women, firmly meant to marry a foreigner, usually quickly do successes in studying foreign languages. The Russians learn English easier, compared to the European or American do Russian. Most of the Russian women looking for a husband abroad, possess a better self-estimation, than their compatriots. These are purposeful, optimistical, loving a life women aspiring to greater life. Certainly, the fact of looking for a husband abroad does not define an amount of consciousness associated with woman in itself. However the greater part of such women consider themselves worthy of safe family, loving husband, confidence in future, stability. They cannot often need to encourage display of man’s chauvinism in a few Russian men. Nor they like men, suffering inferiority complexes due to inability to pay for a household. The Russian ladies appreciate the foreigners’ belief in themselves, optimism, respect for a female, an art to provide for, love children. By the way, about children. Certainly, a great majority of the Russian fathers, along with all fathers on earth, love their children. However a scenario when a guy, leaving a household, leaves his own children, just isn’t a rarity. The legislation makes them certainly pay the alimony regarding the child. However the alimony assesses only official incomes of men which do not always correspond towards the reality. The alimony sums usually do not suffice even for food. The father just isn’t thinking about the life of the kid, does not feel responsibility for this. The care of the child entirely lays in the shoulders of mother. Getting divorced with wife, the Russian husband often “gets divorced” with own children. Certainly, it generally does not always happen, but such situation in Russia just isn’t a rarity. The cases when after the divorce the child stays utilizing the father are singular.


There was a quantity of explanations why the Russian women search for a husband abroad. The first reason – demographic. In Russia you will find less men of age of consent, than women. Certainly, there isn’t any comparison utilizing the post-war period when millions men were lost, battling for the native land. But today, in line with the statistical data, men in Russia die earlier, they have been more subject to a significant disease, among that the heart one is into the first place. Into the remote regions the problem is even worse. The situation of “shortage of husbands” is discussed during the state level. Separate bright politicians quite seriously suggest entering a polygamy into Russia. However, such way out is unquestionably unreal – first, because of the natural desire of women to possess a high-grade family, secondly, because of objective impossibility of men to pay for such “greater family”. Some women agree to a humiliating role of a mistress maintaining relations utilizing the other woman’s husband, hoping that certain day the person will leave the household and marry her, suffering from own compelled immorality and feeling faulty (in Russia there was a popular saying: “You certainly will never grow your happiness regarding the others’ misfortune “). People who do not want to be a mistress have to search for love abroad.

The second reason – “features associated with Russian national character” associated with Russian men. It offers bad habits of numerous Russians , and special psychological options that come with the Russian men. The love of the Russian men to alcohol is actually legendary. Certainly, it generally does not mean, that in other countries there isn’t any issue of alcoholism. But Russia is still the first choice in intensity of utilizing spirits. It’s possible to often see, that “an abstemious man” becomes almost the primary criteria underneath the selection of a partner. You will find women (especially in Russian backs) that are willing to close eyes to absence of other benefits of the husband, feeling lucky that the husband does not drink. how to get a russian bride The alcohol abuse associated with Russian men could be explained by many reasons among that the basic may be the stress during the background of economic instability and frequent inability associated with man to adequately pay the family. Quite often the men compensate their inconsistency with alcohol. In addition they drink because of boredom. Traveling, hobbies often demand material investments, and an average family spends practically all funds on keeping body and sole together – food, clothes, payment of municipal services. Even qualitative treatment and education of children appear excessive for most Russians. Therefore, feasts with plentiful effusion of wine become their basic entertainment. The alcohol abuse often results in early death rate of men. It is statistically proved, that in Russia individuals are more careless about their health than in other countries. “The options that come with the national character” associated with Russian men are due to the aim demographic reasons and Russian mentality. In Russia, there isn’t any feminism in blossom like into the West. Formally in Russia there was an equality between gents and ladies. However, in practice women often are under great pressure of men and generally are in more humiliating position in comparison using them. Men occupy the majority of high posts, men are treated with much greater confidence into the business community, men are considered cleverer and obviously above women. An unmarried man at a mature age is honourable, such man represents huge value; the unmarried woman during the same age is blamed and condemned. Need for the status of “a married lady ” forces many Russian women to suffer neglect and roughness from men. The Russian men respect women notably less, compared to the western men. It is explained by not just the options that come with mentality, but additionally by the absence of corresponding laws in Russia. Yes, the Russian men are proficient at courtship if they want. But it is frequent into the Russian families when the girl looks after the person. The girl charges itself with problems of getting money, education of children, efforts in household, and at all of this she suffers frank roughness and disrespect from the husband. And all because of the illusory need for the status associated with “married woman”! Those ladies who need to be “self-realized” – loving, loved who are not likely to do man’s functions look for a husband abroad. Besides, the economic instability in Russia provokes such qualities associated with Russian men, as active condemnation of rich people, envy to rich and disbelief in themselves. Into the West, men face smaller problems under self-realization. Into the West, there isn’t any problem “how to afford the family” as it’s in Russia. In Russia, often talented intellectual people cannot earn enough money even for the family’s essential needs. The high material prosperity of some citizens in Russia is oftentimes linked to infringement of moral norms. It provokes in Russian men a feeling of hopelessness, insult to destiny, disbelief in themselves. And all negative emotions have been in turn worked off in the most close people. Certainly, only a few Russian men are such, in no way! However, these “features associated with national character” have been in a varying degree peculiar to a lot of Russian men. The third reason is mentioned previously unstable economy in Russia. The women are fed up with beggarly Russian salaries, of impossibility to present worthy existence to themselves while the family, plus they choose to search husbands abroad. In Russia even clever, capable, talented people often live very poorly. The natural need to have a happy family, a reliable financial position, children to whom they might provide worthy conditions for life and self-realization, forces women to find husbands beyond your country. Most women are guided by the above reasons or a number of them. The women looking for husbands abroad could be conditionally split into two groups. The women associated with first group have chose to leave Russia and create a happy family with a foreigner. The women associated with second group simply would like to get married and make use of all methods of acquaintances. They look for their half both in Russia, and abroad simultaneously.